Deering Goodtime Parlor Banjo (Recent)

sku: 60U-203891
This Deering Goodtime Parlor Banjo is a short scale travel banjo that is tuned to standard pitch with light gauge strings. It has an 11” maple rim, a maple neck, and a maple fretboard with walnut inlays. This banjo is in excellent condition except for some dents on the back of the neck.   More Details...

  • 11" maple rim
  • Maple neck 
  • Maple fretboard with walnut inlays
  • 1-1/4" nut
  • 23-1/8" scale
  • 19 frets
  • Guitar style tuners
  • Geared 5th peg
  • Single coordinator rod
  • Made in the USA
  • EC except dings on back of neck