Deering Artisan Goodtime Special Resonator Banjo, Shopworn

$1,025 $1,199
New, but shopworn (finish damage on resonator near neck) - Artisan Goodtime Special has a "Midnight Maple" fingerboard with fancy inlaid position markers, classic brown stain on neck and resonator, planetary tuning gears, and railroad spikes at the 7th, 9th & 10th frets. Like the standard Goodtime 2, it has Deering's Patented steel Goodtime tone ring. Like all Goodtimes, it is made in the USA. 

  • "Midnight Maple" fingerboard with fancy inlaid position markers
  • Classic brown stain on neck and resonator
  • Laser-cut logo on the peghead
  • Planetary tuning gears
  • Railroad spikes at the 7th, 9th, and 10th frets
  • Maple neck and resonator
  • 11" 3-ply violin grade maple rim with Deering's patented steel Goodtime tone ring
  • Nickel plated 2-piece flange
  • Frosted head
  • Deering Goodtime armrest and tailpiece
  • Geared 5th string peg
  • Made in the USA.
  • The Artisan Series, new in 2016, replaced the Classic Goodtimes