Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller

Deep End Sessions - Volume II

sku: DES-CD02
2015 - Second in the series from southern CA's noted old-time music venue; featuring Milnes and Miller, both of whom play fiddle and guitar and sing. A rich feast of old-time tunes and songs: "Puncheon Floor," "Fine Times at Our House," Undone in Sorrow," "Yellow Barber," 17 in all.   More Details...


  1. Fun's All Over
  2. Puncheon Floor
  3. Roving Gambler
  4. My Better Years
  5. Come All You Roving Gamblers
  6. Fine Times at Our House
  7. Big Fish
  8. I Got Lucky With You
  9. Undone in Sorrow
  10. Hiram Herbert
  11. Yellow Barber
  12. No Corn on Tygart
  13. Sally Anne Johnson
  14. Hungry Faint and Poor
  15. Angelina Baker
  16. Woody's Waltz
  17. My Baby's Not a Nightowl

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