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Dancin' in the Kitchen: Songs for All Families, Special Sale!!

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer


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2015 - Celebrating the growth of diverse family structures throughout the world, in various musical styles. With guests Cherish the Ladies, Riders in the Sky, The Savoy Family Cajun Band, plus storytellers and others! 15 tracks: "Home," "I Belong to a Family," "Everything's Possible," more.

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  1. Dancin' in the Kitchen
  2. Happy Adoption Day
  3. Soccer Shoes
  4. Twins
  5. I'm My Own Grandpa
  6. From Scratch
  7. Dinnertime Orchestra
  8. Howdy Little Newlycome / Ceildh House Polka
  9. I Belong to a Family
  10. Birthday Pup
  11. Family Song
  12. Who's in Charge of Naming the Colors?
  13. Home
  14. Everything Possible
  15. Dancin' in the Kitchen Reprise