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D'Addario Planet Waves 9v Pigtail Adaptor, 2-Pack


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$11.99 USD
The D'Addario 9v Effects Pedal Power Adaptors are an essential tool for the modern musician eliminating the time and hassle of opening a pedal to install or replace a battery.

For pedals utilizing a 2.1mm tip negative power input, the cables can supply emergency power in case of power supply/battery failure, power pedals without internal battery connections, or provide temporary power to seldom used pedals. The adaptors are also a convenient diagnostic tool to pinpoint pedalboard noise issues by allowing you to isolate power to one pedal at a time. 

The power adaptors are indispensable to have on hand when playing live, in the studio, or at home.

More Details

  • For emergency powering of pedals
  • Connects 9v battery to pedal power jack
  • Includes one straight and one right angled adaptor (both 3")
  • Great diagnostic tool for pedalboard noise issues