Crystal Harmonics for Guitar

by Gohar Vardanyan
sku: 02-30499
Provides guitarists with practical advice on playing harmonics and how to perform them with a crystal-clear tone. Covers various notation systems with examples of harmonics from the guitar repertoire. Natural harmonic pitches and positions (by string and fret) are presented along with right-hand artificial harmonic techniques. Learn how to tune the guitar with harmonics and how to practice passages which include harmonics. Notation only. 23 pp.   More Details...
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Natural Harmonics

  • Pitches of Natural Harmonics
  • How to Play Natural Harmonics
  • Left Hand Pressure
  • Right Hand Plucking
  • What Stroke to Use

Artificial Harmonics

  • How to Play Artificial Harmonics
  • Adding the Left Hand
  • Tips for Clarity
  • Left Hand in Artificial Harmonics
  • Multiple Notes with Artificial Harmonics
  • General Tips

Harmonic Notation

  • Reading Harmonics
  • Notating the Pitch of the Fretted Note
  • Notating String and Fret Only
  • Arabic Numeral Indications
  • Roman Numeral Indications
  • Notating the Pitch of the Sounding Harmonic
  • Artificial Harmonics
  • Examples in Context
Tuning with Harmonics