Crafters of Tennessee Walnut Deluxe (2002)

$2,750 $2,900
sku: 70U-205725
Gloss finish, walnut neck and double w-b-w-bound burled walnut resonator, gold hardware (tension hoop and armrest are engraved), white-bound 22-fret ebony fingerboard with fancy pearl inlays, "TENNESSEE" in block inlay on 21st fret", 1-1/4" nut, ~26-1/2" scale one-piece flange, dual coordinator rods, ~5/8" maple rim, 11" frosted top head, flathead tone ring, Presto tailpiece, ebony headstock overlay with very elaborate pearl and abalone inlay, Five Star Planetary tuners, geared 5th string tuner, SN#098302 with brown faux alligator OHSC (brown lining), EC+, on consignment - price reduced