Contemporary Guitar Composers of the Americas

compiled by Guillermo Diego & William Bay
sku: 02-30612
A unique collection of 51 solo works representing 17 composers from the American continent: North, Central and South America. Features many composers who have helped to enrich the guitar's repertoire, giving rise to a diverse palette of styles, textures, rhythms, moods and melodies. Includes a biographical sketch of each composer. A worthwhile addition to the library of any classical guitarist. Notation only. Wire-bound. 190 pp.

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by William Bay

  • Nocturne #3
  • D Minor Etude #3
  • Evening Prayer
  • Valse and Variations

by Michael Bellmont

  • Ghost Lover
  • Soñadora
  • Tango Loco

by Glenn J. Caluda

  • Small Chaconne for the Great Whales
  • Meditation of the Lamb

by Javier Contreras

  • Huayno
  • Euclídica
  • Candombe

by Alberto Cumplido

  • Lucarna
  • Retrato Antiguo
  • Eólico

by Guillermo Diego

  • Bolero I
  • Nocturno II
  • Nocturno III

by Juan Falú

  • A San Juan
  • Felis Catus
  • Por lo fi no y por lo grueso

by Keith Gehle

  • Desert Song
  • Cooper’s Creek
  • Waiting for the Sun

by Frederic Hand

  • A Waltz for Maurice
  • Desert Sketch
  • Leslie’s Song

by Ken Hatfield

  • Chumley’s
  • Jedediah (First Movement)
  • Jedediah (more...)

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