Comprehensive Chord Theory for Guitar

by Douglas Baldwin
sku: 49-696444
Book with online audio. Chords are the foundation of almost all Western music and the guitar is a brilliant instrument for providing chordal accompaniment. Yet many guitarists are baffled by the application of chord theory to the guitar. How are chords put together? How did they get these weird names? Why do some chords sound "good" and some sound "bad"? Questions like these are addressed, as well as chord voicing and voice-leading, often explored with unique circle diagrams and structural analyses. You'll explore: the fundamentals of traditional chord construction; the theory and technique of moveable shapes; a thorough examination of the "5" chord (power chords); how to add color notes - the 2nd, 4th and 6th - to all triads; how to build and play extended chords - 9th, 11th, 13th and "alt" chords. Technique Tips are given throughout the text to guide you through the physical challenges of playing unfamiliar chords. The audio demonstrates the chords using a variety of musical styles. Note/tab but mostly diagrams. 365 pp.
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