Comping Standards for Jazz Guitar

by Jim Ferguson
sku: 02-22130BCD
Book/CD set. Ferguson helps you take your playing to the next level. Using common jazz chord progressions, he takes you through three primary comping approaches: straight-four, moving bass lines, and combo variants. In the process, you'll learn numerous chord voicings, ways to organize them, and a wide variety of dynamic rhythmic figures used in jazz. Also include the use of guides and pivots, chord substitution, mastering rootless chords, playing with a pianist, inverting partial harmonic structures, Latin comping, chord scales, handling modal tunes, and mixing voicings. The highly detailed music examples cover most of the common jazz keys. Note/tab. 32 pp.   More Details...
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  • Introduction
  • Inverting Open-Voiced Three-Note Chords
  • “Into Somewhere”
  • “We Can’t Be Parted”
  • Bass Line Basics
  • “Into Somewhere”
  • “Rhythm Changes”
  • “Deep Blue Bossa”
  • “Confirmation Blues”
  • “Always Autumn”
  • “Un Peu Blues”
  • Four-Note Chord Scales In F
  • Connecting Chord Scales
  • “Gnawing On The Apple”
  • “Minor Blues”
  • “Into Somewhere”
  • Three-Note Chord Scales In Ef
  • “Five Minus One”
  • Bossa Nova & “Sea Swell”
  • Modal Comping
  • “All The Things You Want”
  • Mixed Voicings & “Mixetta”
  • Notational Symbols
  • About The Author