Joseph Sobol

Citternity: Celtic Cittern and Beyond

sku: KILT-CD1010
2012 - Amalgamation of musical influences from Appalachian, Irish, and more, featuring traditional and original tunes and songs, reels, jigs, and airs. With special guests Martin Hayes on fiddle, John Williams on concertina, accordion, and flute, Howard Levy on harmonica, and others. 13 tracks: "House Carpenter," "The Gypsy Princess," "Jackie Went a-Sailin'" and others.   More Details...

  1. Song / Reel: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
  2. Reels: McGreevey's / The Broken Pledge / Traveler's
  3. Jig: Lord Buckley's
  4. Song: House Carpenter
  5. Planxties: Mrs. Judge / Arthur Shaen
  6. Northern Set: Le Tourment / Whitefish Over the Rapids / Choo-Choo Reel
  7. Song: Jackie Went a-Sailin'
  8. Hornpipe / Reels: Cooley's / Music in the Glen / I'm Waiting for You
  9. Trip Jigs: O'Malleys Ramp / The Giant Ball of Yarn
  10. Song: Recuerdo
  11. Bill Malley's Schottische / The Gypsy Princess
  12. Air: Carolan's Farewell to Music
  13. Song: The Road Not Taken