John Engle; John Herrmann & Meredith McIntosh

Chicken Train

sku: YODEL-CD083
2012 - Old-time tunes and songs with a special emphasis on the Tommy Jarrell, Round Peak NC repertoire, and the early African-American "non-blues" tradition. John Herrmann sings and plays banjo, Meredith McIntosh sings and plays bass and guitar, John Engle plays fiddle. "Richmond Cotillion," "Polecat Blues," "Old Bunch of Keys," "Old Man Can Your Dog Catch a Rabbit," 20 in all.   More Details...

  1. Mississippi Sawyer
  2. Sail Away Ladies
  3. Black Eyed Susie
  4. Pay Day
  5. Piney Woods Gal
  6. Old John Henry
  7. Take Sick and Die
  8. Fisher's Hornpipe
  9. Cider
  10. Wolf and Lamb
  11. Texas Gals
  12. Old Joe Clark
  13. Roustabout
  14. Richmond Cotillion
  15. Broke and Ain't Got a Dime
  16. Bud, Oh Bud
  17. Polecat Blues
  18. Old Bunch of Keys
  19. Old Man Can Your Dog Catch a Rabbit
  20. Train 45