Christian Wig & Whitt Mead

Chadwell's Station: Fiddling On the Frontier

sku: YODEL-CD071
2008 -- Second volume of "Old Time Fiddle & Banjo" from Wig and Mead, an attempt to recapture the repertory of the eastern frontier prior to 1840. Lots of great old archaic and unusual tunes with extensive notes, tunings, the works in a 14-page booklet and beautiful trifold digipak.   More Details...


  1. Indian Eat the Woodchuck
  2. Cousin Sally Brown
  3. Three Forks of Cumberland
  4. Lady Hamilton
  5. Pride of America
  6. Cumberland Gap
  7. Speckled Apron
  8. Big Tennessee
  9. Peter Francisco
  10. Cotton Eyed Joe
  11. Flowers of Edinburgh
  12. Down to the Wildwood to Shoot the Buffalo
  13. Chadwell's Station
  14. White Cockade
  15. Drummer Boy of Waterloo
  16. Untitled Tune Page 16
  17. Polly Put the Kettle On
  18. Young Edward
  19. Pompey Ran Away
  20. Gaston
  21. Untitled Tune Page 12
  22. Jolly Blacksmith