Seppo Sillanpaa

Catlicks - Traditional & Original Tunes for Clawhammer Banjo

by Seppo Sillanpaa
sku: 803-1
23 melodic clawhammer banjo arrangements from this Finnish string band musician and Banjo Newsletter columnist. Features traditional tunes from the U.S. and Europe, plus some of Seppo's original compositions. "Bulago (Buffalo) Gals," "Handsome Julie," "Karjalan poikia," "Koiviston polska," "La Bastringue," "Milk Train Blues," "The Mason's Apron," more. Videos for all the tunes in the book are available on YouTube. Tablature only. 30 pp.   More Details...


  • Bulago (Buffalo) Gals (trad., tuning: gDGBD)
  • Catlicks (SS, tuning: gDGCD)
  • Going across the sea (trad., tuning: eCGCD)
  • Hancock (SS, tuning: fDGCD)
  • Handsome Julie (trad., tuning: gDGBD)
  • Hembacka (SS, tuning: gCGCD)
  • Juniper jig (SS, tuning: gCGCD)
  • Karjalan poikia (trad., tuning: gCGCD)
  • King of the fairies (trad., tuning: gDGCD)
  • Knapsauspolkka (trad., tuning: gDGCD)
  • Koiviston polska (trad., tuning: gDGCD)
  • La Bastringue (trad., tuning: gCGCD)
  • Marching through Doodletown (SS, tuning: gCGCD)
  • Milk Train Blues (SS, tuning: gCGCD)
  • Norrala polska (trad., tuning: gCGCD)
  • Polka de l’Aveyron (trad., tuning: gCGCD)
  • Pretty Little Shoes (trad., tuning: gDGBD)
  • Ragtime Annie (trad., tuning: gCGCD)
  • Reel de Courville (trad., tuning: gCGCD)
  • Sailor’s Hornpipe (trad., tuning: gDGBD)
  • Stowaway (SS, tuning: gCGCD)
  • The Mason’s Apron (trad., tuning: gDGBD)
  • Too young to marry (trad., tuning: eCGCD)