Kruger Brothers

Carolina Scrapbook: The Gospel Edition

sku: DTM-CD017
2006 -- The hotshot Krugers in a gospel version of their all-star session "scrapbooks." Featuring Maynard Holbrook, Gayle Brown, David Taylor, Christa Kruger, the Grandsons, Laura Boosinger and Lana & Claude Shew.   More Details...


  1. Crying Holy
  2. The Old Crossroads
  3. I'm Glad
  4. Paul and Silas
  5. Canaan's Land
  6. Falling Leaves
  7. When We Get Home
  8. Family Bible
  9. Lord, Build Me a Cabin
  10. Amazing Grace
  11. No Lock on My Mansion Door
  12. I Want to Live There
  13. Tears Will Never Stain
  14. Working on a Building