Buddy Guy

Born to Play Guitar

sku: SILVERT-CD12037
2015 - The Louisiana-born Chicago blues king, guitar killer and original blues icon steps out with a set of 14 burning tracks; with guests Joss Stone, Van Morrison, Kim Wilson and Billy Gibbons.) 2016 Grammy Winner!   More Details...
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  1. Born to Play Guitar
  2. Wear You Out
  3. Back Up Mama
  4. Too Late
  5. Whiskey, Beer & Wine
  6. Kiss Me Quick
  7. Crying Out of One Eye
  8. (Baby) You Got What It Takes
  9. Turn Me Wild
  10. Crazy World
  11. Smarter Than I Was
  12. Thick Like Mississippi Mud
  13. Flesh & Bone (Dedicated to B.B. King)
  14. Come Back Muddy