Bluegrass Breaks: Mandolin

by Dix Bruce
sku: 02-96863M
Book with online audio. 23 bluegrass mandolin solos, 13 kickoffs, 4 back-up parts. Various mandolin solos in a range of styles and levels of difficulty, aimed at advanced beginners to intermediates. Includes extensive notes about the breaks and the techniques used. The material can be practiced alongside accompanying online recordings at slow and regular speeds. You'll learn: easy melodic solos/breaks; more advanced solos with blue notes, arpeggios, and more; double stop solos; essential fiddle tunes every mandolin player should know; crosspicking solos; a variety of kickoffs or introductions; different styles of back-up mandolin. Note/tab. 60 pp.   More Details...
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  • Introduction
  • Pig in a Pen up and down picking
  • Sitting on Top of the World up and down picking, tremolo
  • Bile Them Cabbage Down fiddle tune
  • Ground Hog solo in the key of A
  • Midnight on the Stormy Deep double stops, tremolo
  • I’ll be All Smiles Tonight waltz time
  • New River Train continuous eighth notes, closed positions, transposing
  • Somebody Touched Me closed position in B
  • Darling Cory blue notes
  • Wedding Waltz waltz, roadmaps
  • East Virginia Blues closed position, key of E
  • Columbus Stockade Blues blue notes, key of C
  • Fair and Tender Ladies crosspicking
  • Lonesome Valley crosspicking
  • Flop-Eared Mule fiddle tune
  • Shebeg and Sheemore Irish tune
  • Reuben’s Train solo with drones
  • My Home’s Across the Blue Ridge Mountains double stops, slides
  • Little Rosewood Casket closed position, key of F
  • John Henry blue notes, position changes
  • Blackberry Blossom fiddle tune
  • Handsome Molly up and down picking, slides
  • The Old Gray Mare fiddle tune
  • Silent Night closed position, double stops, Christmas song
  • Will the Circle Be Unbroken crosspicking
  • Amazing Grace back up part
  • Take this Hammer back up part, call and response
  • Midnight on the Stormy Deep back up part, crosspicking
  • There’s More Pretty Girls Than One back up part, double stop tremolo
  • Kickoffs
  • Little Rosewood Casket kickoff key of F, eight measures
  • East Virginia Blues kickoff key of E
  • I’ll be All Smiles Tonight kickoff key of A, eight measures, waltz time
  • Somebody Touched Me kickoff key of B
  • Amazing Grace kickoff key of G, double stops, tremolo, single notes
  • There’s More Pretty Girls Than One kickoff #1 key of F, double stops, short