Bluegrass Banjo From All Sides

by Rich Stillman
sku: 02-21266M
Book with online audio. Focuses on fifteen common jam session tunes, offering many different arrangements for each, presented in varying levels of difficulty. Work through standard melody and harmony arrangements, playing backup in a bluegrass setting, playing backup behind fiddlers, and even two-banjo harmony. Further, the tunes offer a catalog of useful banjo techniques. This book demonstrates the stylistic versatility of three-finger banjo, as well as its identity and character. Multiple levels. 91 pp.   More Details...

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How to use this book

Arrangement Levels
Teachable Moments
Note Emphasis
Left hand Fingering
Practice Tips
Learning by Listening

Cripple Creek (A/B)

Teachable moment: 3 against 4

Oh, My Loving Brother (A/B)

Teachable Moment (Level A): Banjo Harmony
Teachable Moment (Level A): Long Rolls
Teachable moment (Level A): The "Sally Goodin" G position

Pig in a Pen (A/B)

Teachable Moment (Level A): Why play second string notes with the thumb?
Teachable Moment (Level A): Playing up the neck
Teachable moment (Level B): Phrasing like a Singer

Wabash Cannonball (A/B)

Teachable Moment: Using open strings to mask left hand movement
Teachable Moment: Playing the right break at the right time

Sunny Side of the Mountain (A/B)

Teachable moment (Level A): The most important Backup Lick ever
Teachable moment (Level B): Compound Rolls

Forked Deer (A/B/C)

Teachable Moment (Level A): Guide Fingers

Blackberry Blossom (A/C)
My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountains

Teachable moment (Level B): Learn to play in D by playing up-the-neck in G

Red Wing (A/B)
June Apple (A/B)
America the Beautiful (A/B/C)
Oh! Susanna (A/C)
Little Liza Jane (A/B/C)
Old Joe Clark (A/B/C)
Down in the Willow Garden (A/B)

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