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Blind Joe Death: Volume 1

by John Fahey; transcribed and edited by Andrew Lardner John Fahey

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John Fahey transformed the world of acoustic flat-top steel-string guitar by bringing it to the concert stage as a respected, solo instrument. This volume focuses on Side 1 of his landmark 1967 Blind Joe Death LP, with six extensively edited solos: "On Doing an Evil Deed Blues," "St. Louis Blues," "Poor Boy a Long Ways from Home," "Uncloudy Day," "John Henry" and "In Christ There Is No East or West." Includes performance notes and background for each tune. Hints of Fahey's early influences endured throughout his career, yet early on a unique voice is coming into focus - one that is not afraid to explore the avant-garde with journeys into collage and expressionism. Intermediate. Note/tab. 84 pp.

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  • Introduction
  • On Doing an Evil Deed Blues
  • St. Louis Blues
  • Poor Boy a Long Ways from Home
  • Uncloudy Day
  • John Henry 
  • In Christ There Is No East or West
  • Glossary of Notational Symbols