Blue Yonder

Bittersweet Road

sku: JR-CD4584
2013 - Acoustic power trio from Charleston WV! "Blue Yonder lives where country music meets western swing, a honky-tonk beat meets a beautiful ballad and red hot country jazz guitar licks meet cool blue yodel vocals." Ten originals from award-winning songwriter, singer and guitarist John Lilly with bass fiddler Will Carter and Mountain State guitar killer Robert Shafer.   More Details...

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  1. Bittersweet Road
  2. Bootless
  3. Cinder Bottom Blues
  4. Four-Leaf Clover
  5. Come When Mama Calls
  6. Ne'er Do Well
  7. Red-Eye Express
  8. Do You Mind If I Drive?
  9. My Love Never Sleeps
  10. Beats Walkin'