Bill Monroe

Bill Monroe: The Life and Music of the Blue Grass Man

by Tom Ewing
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sku: 542-593
Bill Monroe was a major star of the Grand Ole Opry for over fifty years; a member of the Country Music, Songwriters, and Rock and Roll Halls of Fame; and a legendary figure in American music. This authoritative biography sets out to examine his life in detail - to move beyond hearsay and sensationalism to explain how and why he accomplished so much. Former Blue Grass Boy and longtime music journalist Tom Ewing draws on hundreds of interviews, his personal relationship with Monroe, and an immense personal archive of materials to separate truth from myth. Throughout, Ewing captures Monroe's relationships and the personalities of an ever-shifting roster of band members while shedding light on his business dealings and pioneering work with Bean Blossom and other music festivals. Filled with a wealth of previously unknown details, this book offers even the most devoted fan a deeper understanding of Monroe's achievements and music. Hardcover. 613 pp.