Beyond Bluegrass Mandolin - Etudes and Ideas for the Modern Mandolinist

by John McGann and Matt Glaser
sku: 49-449609
Book/CD pack. Improvise with more expression and freedom in bluegrass and related styles. These ideas, exercises, and etudes will help you expand your palette of improvisational techniques and sounds. You'll learn to build solos by: uncovering a melody's most defining notes and using them in a new context; reharmonizing chords and changing modes; breaking down, rearranging, and varying melodic and rhythmic cells; using positions shifts, string crossings, and double stops; drawing from tetrachords, guide tone lines, and other contructs. "Hats off to Matt Glaser and John McGann for effectively tackling a subject that has been near and dear to me for nearly half a century!" - David Grisman. The CD has demonstration and play-along tracks accompanied by a full band. 53 pp.   More Details...
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  • Lamb Chops (Skeletal Melody And The Five Levels Of Improvisation)
  • The Girl I Left Behind Me (Reharmonization)
  • The Infinite Blackberry Blossom (Melodic Cells And Progressive Rhythmic Variation)
  • The Ark And The Saw (Changing The Mode)
  • Act Natural (Mutually Exclusive Triads)
  • High Windy (Developing Motifs And Upper-Structure Triads)
  • IHOP (Mixolydian String Crossing)
  • Hot Lick Fiddle Chick (Shifting Positions While Playing Constantly Flowing Eighth Notes)
  • Gunshot Wound In The E.R. (Dominant Seventh Chords Around The Cycle)
  • Fishy Hornpipe (Tetrachords)
  • Ponzi Scheme (Increasing Rhythmic Density)
  • That Tumble-Down Shack In Athlone (Guide-Tone Lines In Double Stops)