Mark Tamsula & Richard Withers

Behind the Door: Old Time Music of Southwestern Pennsylvania

sku: SNABU-CD003
2016 - Third treasured collection of the fiddle and fife music indigenous to SW Pennsylvania, from the collection of Samuel Preston Bayard. Fiddler Mark Tamsula and Richard Withers on banjo and flute; with Dave Krysty on guitar and singer Ellen Gozion.   More Details...


  1. Such a Gittin' Upstairs / Patterson’s Hornpipe
  2. The Roving Sailor
  3. The Grey Eagle
  4. Hog Eye an' a 'Tater
  5. Shelving Rock / Sally Corn
  6. Over the River to Charlie
  7. The Blackbird
  8. Jimmy King
  9. Keep Off the Grass
  10. Behind the Door
  11. The Waterford Special / Si Hall’s Reel
  12. Whiskey
  13. Walter Ireland’s
  14. Geordie
  15. Jinny in the Lowlands
  16. The Frosts on the Punkin and the Fodder's in the Shock / Up Jumped Jinny With Her Shirt Tail Torn
  17. Sam Waggle’s / Shape's Cotillion / John Newgrant Come Home With A Pain In His Head
  18. Jim Harbst’s Tune / The Soap- Fat Man
  19. Down the River
  20. The Old Town Band
  21. Little Ellie and her Sister Liz / Three in the Hill (BONUS TRACK)

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