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Beginning Baroque for Guitar

by John Kiefer

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Simplified arrangements of Baroque music which can be performed with a pick or fingers. The music has been notated without fingerings or tablature to promote musical literacy and encourage all fingering possibilities. Also includes five duets and four canons. Can supplement basic guitar methods, guitar classes and guitar ensemble courses. Melody & chord symbols, notation only. 32 pp.

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  • two-part canon bach
  • bourree bach
  • brandenburg 2 theme bach
  • rigadoon purcell
  • march purcell
  • menuet en rondeau rameau
  • 2 minuets purcell
  • tumpet tune purcell
  • joy to the world handel
  • bourree handel
  • alleluia boyce
  • ubi sunt gaudia haynes
  • kanon pachelbel
  • lascia cho pianga handel
  • ombra mai fu handel
  • come sweet death bach
  • les plaisirs telemann
  • jesu, joy of man desiring bach
  • hornpipe handel
  • marche bach
  • hallelujah handel
  • presto telemann
  • ridaudon lully
  • air purcell
  • spring vivaldi
  • bourree bach
  • adagio albinoni