Bart Reiter Regent Model Openback Banjo, Scooped Fretboard

Handcrafted in East Lansing, Michigan, this handsome openback banjo is ideal for old time and folk music. It has an 11" maple rim with a Whyte Laydie tone ring. The maple neck features a scooped ebony fretboard that allows for easier playing over the neck.   More Details...

  • Whyte Laydie tone ring
  • Ebony fingerboard and peghead veneer
  • Fretboard scooped above 17th fret
  • Hard maple neck
  • Pearl star peghead inlay
  • Dot position markers
  • Satin lacquer finish
  • Rim Construction:
  • Three ply laminated maple
  • 5/8 inch wall thickness
  • 11 inch diameter
  • Notched tension hoop
  • 24 L-shoe brackets
  • Five Star head
  • Rosewood cap on bottom of rim
  • 5/8 inch ebony top bridge
  • No Knot tailpiece
  • Neck Construction:
  • 26 1/4" scale length
  • 22 nickel silver frets
  • Bone nut
  • Steel reinforced (adjustable)
  • Maple dowel stick
  • Veneer laminated in center of neck
  • 4 planetary tuning pegs
  • Geared fifth peg
  • Traditional peghead shape and neck contour