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<CD> Barn Dance Fiddle Tunes for Two

by Deborah Greenblatt

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Companion CD to the books of the same name, featuring Deborah playing all 22 medleys on violin. The tracks are recorded in stereo with melody in one speaker and harmony in the other so you can use your stereo's balance control to isolate either part for play along. "Angelina the Baker/Whiskey Before Breakfast/Spotted Pony," "Beauty in Tears/Planxty Irwin," "Bultendans/Mrs. Crowley's/Snow Deer," "Chinese Breakdown/Spotted Pony," "Grasshopper Sitting On a Sweet Potato Vine/Kitchen Girl/Forked Deer," "Haste to the Wedding/Smash the Windows," more.

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  • Angelina the Baker/Whiskey Before Breakfast/Spotted Pony
  • Beauty in Tears/Planxty Irwin
  • The Britches Full of Stitches/Cold Frosty Morning/Red Haired Boy
  • The Britches Full of Stitches/On Two Feet Polka
  • Bultendans & Mrs. Crowley's/Snow Deer
  • Chinese Breakdown/Spotted Pony
  • Grasshopper Sitting On a Sweet Potato Vine/Kitchen Girl/Forked Deer
  • Haste to the Wedding/Smash the Windows
  • Hog Eye An' a 'Tater/Red Haired Boy
  • Hog Eye An' a 'Tater/Sailor's Jacket/Swingin' On a Gate
  • It Starts With Your Feet/Chorus Jig
  • Kitchen Girl/Cold Frosty Morning
  • Linnen Hall/Road to Lisdonvarna
  • Mauritz/Barefoot Fiddler
  • Old French/Saint Anne's Reel
  • Road to Lisdonvarna/Boys From Tandragee
  • Sailor's Jacket/Flop Eared Mule
  • Sano Duso/Beauty in Tears & Planxty Irwin
  • Sano Duso/Erica's Hambo
  • Shoes and Stockings/Swingin' On a Gate
  • Smash the Windows/Boys From Tandragee/Road to Lisdonvarna
  • Sugar Tree Stomp/Stump Tail Dog