Bard's Banjo: English Country Clawhammer Banjo Solos

by Steve Harvey
sku: 02-20669
Book of tunes from the Elizabethan era set in tablature for the clawhammer banjo. At first glance, the songs of Shakespeares day and the mountain banjo seem to be worlds apart, but the musical traditions are, in fact, related, as Elizabethan songs are the old world cousins of mountain tunes and are a natural way to extend the mountain banjo repertoire for intermediate/advanced players. Their pedigree, their modal feel, the lilting rhythms, and the ease with which they can be adapted to the banjo argue the case. They open the possibility for new rhythms, giving the banjo a new voice. Each section is organized around a traditional mountain tuning, with a mountain song serving as a model of that tuning, illuminating the relationship between the two musical worlds. Free audio downloads available. Intermediate/advanced. 36 pp.   More Details...

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A Note On Bardic Clawhammer
The Bard's Banjo: English Country Clawhammer


  • June Apple (Appalachian)
  • Gathering Peascod
  • Lilli Burlero
  • I Care Not For These Ladies
  • Bobbing Joe
  • Gather Your Rosebuds
  • Grimstock
  • Jack's Health
  • Newcastle

G-Modal Tuning:

  • Cluck Old Hen (Appalachian)
  • The Beggar Boy
  • Heartsease
  • Jenny Pluck Pears
  • Woodycock

G-Modal Tuning:

  • Walking In The Parlor (Appalachian)
  • Nonesuch
  • Come Live With Me
  • Fortune My Foe
  • Chesnut; Or Dove's Figary
  • Peg'o Ramsay
  • Kemp's Jig

C-Minor Tuning:

  • Katie Morey (Appalachian)
  • Childgrove
  • Lull Me Beyond Thee
  • Jamaica

Sandy River Belle Tuning:

  • Sandy River Belle (Appalachian)
  • Parson's Farewell
  • Three Folks Of Ivy
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