Banjo Picking-A Complete Method

by Pete Pardee
sku: 02-20743M
Book with online audio. A good banjo method to develop tone, timing and rock solid rhythm for the picking hand, thorough in scope from the beginning level to the challenges of "extreme banjo." Lots of exercises, tunes, photos and helpful text, tools for learning bluegrass, classical, jazz, folk, urban, classic fingerstyle or other styles. Provides all you need to develop skills, repertoire and confidence. Multiple levels. 127 pp.   More Details...
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The Beginner's Section

The G Tuning
Beginning Notation
Beginning to Play - Placing the Picking Hand
Beginning Exercises
A Look At the Major Scale
Exercise A
Beginning Tunes
Reveille I and Reveille II
Careless Love I
Careless Love II
Down in the Valley I
Down in the Valley II
John Hardy I
John Hardy II

The Intermediate Section

Positioning the Right (Picking) Hand
Common Bluegrass Rolls Example
More on Thumbpicks and Fingerpicks
The Basic Building Blocks of Rolls
320 True Rolls
More Examples Notes
By the Beautiful Sea
Minuet-J S Bach
Reveille III
The Hussler Minor Jig-Weston
Exercise B

The Advanced Section

Section Notes
Allegro-J S Bach
Cupid's Arrow-Eno
Beating Around the Bush-Keith
Blackberry Blossom
Permutation of All Rolls

The Extreme Section

Section Notes
Swipesy Cake Walk-Joplin/Marshall
Double-J S Bach
Dominant Cycle Study # 10--Pat Cloud
Exercises C and D

The Appendices

Appendix A
Reading Music
The Twelve Major Scales
The Circle of Fifths
Major Chords and Inversions
Note Values and Timing
More On the Banjo Notation
Oh, Susanna-Foster
Appendix B
Accompaniment and alternate
notation notes
Bass-Minuet-J S Bach
Bass-Allegro-J S Bach
Alternate Notation:
The Hussler Minor Jig-Weston
Piano-Cupid's Arrow-Eno
Another Look at Rolls
Appendix C-Projects for Each Section
Projects Notes
Song I
Song II
Song III
Song IV
Song V
Song VI