Various Artists

Banjo Gathering

sku: TALLTR-CD07
2 CDs, 50 tracks -- "100% pure old-time banjo; unobscured, unaccompanied & unadulterated!" A five-string feast of solo banjo from a galaxy of today's finest players: Mike Seeger, Cathy Fink, Paul Brown, Dan Gellert, Alice Gerrard, John Cohen, Tom Sauber, Pete Sutherland, Bruce Molsky, John McCutcheon, Rafe Stefanini, Gail Gillespie, and on and on! With tunings and notes on the tunes, too. Produced by Steve Baughman; proceeds to benefit the Swannanoa Gathering Scholarship Fund.   More Details...


  1. Pete Sutherland: Cumberland Gap
  2. Dan Gellert: Sail Away Ladies
  3. Scott Ainslie: Hammons' Piece
  4. John Herrmann: Old Man Can Your Dog Catch a Rabbit? / Protect the Innocent
  5. Cathy Fink: Little Billy Wilson
  6. Bob Thornburg: Liza Jane
  7. Bruce Molsky: Rolling Mills Are Burning Down
  8. Mike Seeger: Sally Gooden
  9. Alice Gerrard: Fish on a Hook
  10. Paul Brown: Brushy Fork of John's Creek
  11. Rafe Stefanini: Reuben
  12. David Winston: Jack Wilson
  13. Steve Baughman: Bony Crossing the Alps
  14. Terri McMurray: John Henry
  15. Tom Sauber: Bell's March
  16. Brad Leftwich: Shortening Bread
  17. Gordy Hinners: Arkansas Traveler
  18. Joe Newberry: Last Chance
  19. John McCutcheon: Little Betty Ann
  20. John Cohen: Twin Sisters
  21. Phil Jamison: Miss McLeod's Reel
  22. Gail Gillespie: Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown?
  23. Brett Riggs: Hello Coon
  24. Bruce Molsky: A Fiddle or a Dram
  25. Dan Gellert: Grey Eagle


  1. Brad Leftwich: Hook and Line
  2. Gordy Hinners: Tempe
  3. John Herrmann: Chilly Winds
  4. David Winston: Indian Squaw
  5. John McCutcheon: Mole in the Ground
  6. Scott Ainslie: Walkin' in the Parlor
  7. Bob Thornburg; Sugar Baby
  8. Tom Sauber: Piney Ridge
  9. Gail Gillespie: The Little Doctor Fell in the Well
  10. Bruce Molsky: Uncle Norm's Tune
  11. Steve Baughman: Protect the Innocent
  12. Brett Riggs: Sally Ann
  13. Mike Seeger: French Waltz
  14. Cathy Fink: New River Train
  15. Dan Gellert: Sally Gooden
  16. Phil Jamison: Mississippi Sawyer
  17. Pete Sutherland: Johnny Get Around
  18. Rafe Stefanini: The Boatman
  19. Joe Newberry: Lost Gander
  20. Scott Ainslie: Sugar Babe
  21. Terri McMurray: Sail Away Ladies
  22. Paul Brown: Old Sally Brown
  23. Alice Gerrard: Lonesome John on Clinch Mountain
  24. John Cohen: Last Chance
  25. Bob Thornburg: Sandy Boys