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Autoharp Pickup From Oscar Schmidt

SKU: AP442

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$89.50 USD
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$89.50 USD
Amplify your autoharp with this easy-to-install pickup system.

More Details

  • Mounts under strings under chordbar holder
  • Volume and tone control unit attaches to side of chord bar cover (21-bar) or holder (15-bar)
  • 1/8" output jack
  • Cord included
  • Pickup dimensions: 9" long X 1" wide X 1/8" thick
  • Thin tabs at each end, which fit under chord holders, are 5/8" long (total length 10-1/4")
  • NOTE: If you lose the cord, our CMP310 is a good replacement cord. INSTALLATION NOTE: The pickup has a tab at each end which fits into a recess that is molded into the 21 bar chord bar holders. The 15 bar chord bar holders do not have this recess, but there are two simple solutions in common use.