Andre Martin (1947)

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sku: 110U-6467
A copy of a Francois LeJeune 1755 model, this Andre Martin violin was made in France. The label has one part that shows a LeJeune facsimile label, and below that is printed (in French): "Made in 1947 by Andre Martin, son and successor, for Mr. Raoul de Champeaux". It has a one-piece back of narrow curl with a stain in the lower half, Brazilian rosewood pegs, and a shaded amber-brown varnish. It’s a high arched model with a fairly deep and sweet tone, somewhat flute-like with a great G string. It’s set up with Evah Pirazzi strings. This is not the loudest fiddle, but it has great quality and is in good/very good condition. Consignment. Price reduced 03/15/19.