An Introduction to Celtic Tunes for the Five-String Banjo

by Alan Johnson
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sku: 201-25
Book/CD pack. 70 Celtic tunes that intermediate banjo players can manage. These difficult Irish and Scottish melodies usually require a combination of styles and right hand techniques. Johnson's approach is to render the accurate basic melody with only a minimum of left hand techniques. The difficult hammers, pulls and slides can then be added later. Includes playing tips for each tune. "The Navvy on the Line," "McFadden's Handsome Daughter," "The Banshee," "The Maid Behind the Bar," "Ger the Rigger," "Old Hag You Have Killed Me," "Lark in the Morning," dozens of others. All tunes demonstrated on the CD. Tablature only. Comb-bound. 88 pp.   More Details...



  • The Navvy On The Line
  • The Navvy On The Line (Variation)
  • The Maids Of Mitchellstown
  • Mcfadden's Handsome Daughter
  • The Holy Land
  • Gan Ainm
  • The Banshee
  • The Maid Behind The Bar
  • The Traveller
  • The Wise Maid
  • The Green Groves Of Eireaan
  • Rip The Calico
  • The Swallow's Tail
  • The Glass Of Beer
  • The Dunmore Lasses
  • The Dunmore Lasses (Variation)
  • The Green Mountain
  • The Cup Of Tea
  • The Gravel Walk
  • Music In The Glen
  • The Flower Of The Flock
  • Sporting Paddy
  • The Rainy Day
  • The Famous Balleymote
  • The Roscommon Reel
  • The Fox Hunter's Reel
  • Over The Moors To Maggie
  • The Bucks Of Onamore
  • Shawn In The Fog
  • The Otter's Holt
  • The Wheels Of The World
  • Master Crowley's
  • Toss The Feathers
  • Martha's Rest


  • Those Britches Full Of Stitches
  • Ger The Rigger
  • Billy Sullivan
  • Maggie In The Woods


  • Jackson's Jig
  • Garret Barry's Jig
  • Saddle The Pony
  • The Leitrim Fancy
  • Rosie Finn's
  • The Humours Of Whiskey
  • Father O'Flynn's
  • Paddy Clancey's
  • Tom Billy's Jig
  • The Kesh Jig
  • The Rolling Waves
  • The Geese In The Bog
  • Willie Coleman's (aka The Mice In The Cupboard)
  • Winnie Hayes' Jig
  • Hag At The Churn
  • Old Hag You Have Killed Me
  • Dinney Delaney's
  • The Kerfunken Jig
  • Scotsman Over The Border
  • Scotsman Over The Border (Variation)
  • The Trip To Slygo
  • Igonish
  • Jackie Smalls Jig
  • The Clare Jig
  • The Tar Road To Slygo
  • Pipe On The Hob
  • Merrily Kiss The Quaker
  • Catter The Mud
  • Arthur Darley's Jig
  • The Mooncoin Jig
  • The Lark In The Morning
  • Leslie's March

Slip Jigs

  • The Butterfly
  • Whinny Hills Of Leitrim
  • Give Us A Drink Of Water
  • The Rocky Road To Dublin