Kevin Burke

An Evening with Kevin Burke: Tunes & Stories

sku: LOFTUS-CD009
2018 - One of our era's great Irish fiddle stylists, former Bothy Band-er Kevin Burke alone with only his fiddle and a wealth of tales and anecdotes "in an effort to transform the formality of the concert hall into something more reminiscent of an evening with friends gathered together to exchange their stories and their music."   More Details...

1. Spoken Introduction
2. Cashman's Polka / Lehane's Polka / Walsh's Polka
3. Spoken Introduction to "Tuttle's Reel" set
4. Tuttle's Reel / The Bunch of Green Rushes / The Maids of Mitchelstown
5. Spoken Intro to "Lucy's Fling" set
6. Lucy's Fling / S'ioma Ruc a Chunnaic Mi / Some Say the Devil is Dead
7. Spoken Intro to O'Carolan set
8. O'Carolan's Concerto / Loftus Jones
9. Spoken intro to "Across the Black River" set
10. Across the Black River / Paidín O'Rafferty
11. Spoken Intro to "Paris Nights
12. Paris Nights
13. The Sailor on the Rock / Michael Kennedy's Reel / The Hop Down Reel
14. Spoken Intro to "Seanamhac Tube Station"
15. Seanamhac Tube Station
16. Spoken Intro to "Galway Bay / Drunken Sailor"
17. Galway Bay / The Drunken Sailor
18. Spoken Intro to "Glen Cottage Polka" set
19. The Glen Cottage Polka / The Tolka Polka
20. The Pigeon on the Gate / Lafferty's Reel /The Morning Dew
21. Spoken Memories of Johnny Cunningham
22. The Dion Reel / The Mouth of the Tobique