Ampeg BA-210

sku: 130U-205273
A bass amp combo with a BIG sound, this Ampeg BA-210 is a 280 watt bass combo (450 watts with an extension cab) with a wedge style cab. It has two 10” speakers and a tweeter. Features include a 3 band EQ, “Scrambler” overdrive circuit, effects loops, and XLR DI out. It’s in excellent condition. Sorry, we no longer ship used amps, in-store sales only.   More Details...

  • 2X10 w/tweeter
  • 280 watt bass combo
  • Add an extension cab and you get 450 watts
  • 3 band EQ
  • "Scrambler" (overdrive) circuit
  • XLR DI out
  • Effects loop
  • Wedge style cab
  • EC 
  • Consignment