Alfred's Kid's Guitar Course 2

by Ron Manus and L. C. Harnsberger
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sku: 20-44741
CLEARANCE PRICED! Book/DVD with online audio & video. Starts where Book 1 leaves off by teaching new concepts: notes on the fourth, fifth, and sixth strings, new chords, tempo signs, dynamics, more. Each lesson on every colorful page is explained in plain language that's easy to understand and audio that you can stream or download. The DVD demonstrates fundamentals of guitar playing: how to hold and tune the guitar, strum chords, read music, and play lots of fun songs, plus onscreen music notation, demonstrations of how the music should sound, and bonus MP3 tracks of all music examples. Includes easy-to-use software that lets you watch the music on screen as it plays. Speed the music up or slow it down - it's up to you. 48 pp.   More Details...

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  • Choosing a Guitar to Use with This Book
  • Book 1 Review
  • Notes on the Fourth String: Introducing D
  • Four Open Strings
  • I Choose Guitar!
  • The Half-Note Slash
  • The Lone Star Trail
  • Introducing Four-String Chords
  • The Four-String G Chord
  • The Four-String G7 Chord
  • New Chord Exercise
  • Rock Me Mozart
  • Notes on the Fourth String: Introducing E
  • On My Horse
  • Old MacDonald Had a Farm
  • The Four-String C Chord
  • Common Time
  • C Blues
  • Notes on the Fourth String: Introducing F
  • Baseball
  • Reuben, Reuben
  • Dotted Half Notes & 3/4 Time
  • Three Is for Me!
  • Daisy Bell
  • Playing Two Notes at Once
  • Notes on the Fifth String: Introducing A
  • Five Open Strings
  • Trash Truck
  • Scarborough Fair
  • Notes on the Fifth String: Introducing B
  • Cleaning Up
  • My Pet Cat
  • Notes on the Fifth String: Introducing C
  • Barking Song
  • Volga Boatmen
  • Peter Gray
  • The Dotted-Half-Note Slash
  • Liebesträum
  • A Minor Boogie
  • Notes on the Sixth String: Introducing E
  • Six Open Strings
  • Giraffe Under the Staff
  • Two E's
  • Notes on the Sixth String: Introducing F
  • Introducing the Fermata
  • Dad's Classic Car
  • Sakura
  • Notes on the Sixth String: Introducing G
  • All the Notes I Know So Far
  • Do-Re-Mi Is for Me!
  • Spy Rock
  • The Farmer in the Dell
  • B.I.N.G.O.
  • Notes on the First String: Introducing High A
  • Back to Russia
  • The Riddle Song
  • Pickup Measures
  • A-Tisket, A-Tasket
  • The Yellow Rose of Texas
  • Tempo Signs
  • Three-Tempo Rock
  • 1812 Overture
  • Reading Three-String Chords as Notes
  • Theme from Carmen
  • Reading Four-String Chords as Notes
  • Rockin' with Chords
  • Bass-Chord Accompaniment
  • Can-Can (duet)
  • Dynamics
  • Theme from Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
  • The Whole Rest
  • The Desert Song (duet)
  • Echo Rock
  • Ties
  • Shenandoah
  • When the Saints Go Marching In (duet)
  • Music Matching Games
  • Fingerboard Chart
  • Chord Encyclopedia
  • Certificate of Completion

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