Stephen Wade

Across the Amerikee

sku: FOLKW-CD40223
2017 - Performed in an intimate setting, with occassional guitar accompaniment, the banjoist serves up old-time instrumentals and lyrical folksongs culled from across the nation. 21 cuts: "Diamond Joe," "Lost John," "KC Whistle," "Wild Horse," more.   More Details...
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  1. Wild Horse
  2. Come On Buddie, Don't You Want To Go
  3. Chesley Chancey's Cumberland Gap
  4. Swing and Turn, Jubilee
  5. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
  6. Diamond Joe
  7. Puncheon Camps
  8. Hard Head Hardy
  9. KC Whistle
  10. Willie Moore
  11. Uncle Dave's Fandango
  12. Goodbye, Old Paint
  13. Tom Paley's John Henry
  14. Trouble at the Coal Creek Mines
  15. Gray Eagle
  16. Lost John
  17. Shortenin' Bread
  18. Reno Factory / Brown Skin Blues
  19. Sourwood Mountain
  20. In the Pines
  21. Cherry Blossom Waltz