Jeff Troxel

A Study in Flatpicking: 20 Tunes & Variations

by Jeff Troxel
sku: 475-2
Book/2-CD package. Flatpicking Guitar Magazine columnist and 2003 Winfield National Flatpicking Champion Troxel uses two versions each of 20 standard tunes as a platform not just for learning the tunes, but how to understand, think about and arrange tunes on your own! Plus an appendix full of scale and arpeggio exercises, music theory, slurring exercises and more. Spiral-bound.   More Details...

1 Arkansas Traveler

2 Bayne Water

3 Beaumont Rag

4 Bill Cheatham

5 Billy in the Low Ground

6 Blackberry Blossom

7 Cattle in the Cane

8 Cherokee Shuffle

9 Cooley's Reel

10 Cottonwood Reel

11 Crossing the Big Sandy

12 Cuckoo's Nest

13 Fisher's Hornpipe

14 Flowers of Edinburgh

15 Forked Deer

16 June Apple

17 Morning Glory

18 Off to California

19 Red Haired Boy

20 Whiskey Before Breakfast