A Celebration!! 1989-2014

sku: WHIRL-CD017
2014 - The very best of a quarter-century of one of the Emerald Isle's most elite folk ensembles! A new version of "Welcome Poor Paddy Home" recorded expressly for this project; and 14 tracks culled from their eight albums.   More Details...


  1. Midsummer's Night
  2. Snoring Biddy
  3. The Coolea Jigs
  4. Bold Doherty
  5. Killavil Jigs
  6. The Ploughman
  7. Maggie's Lilt
  8. Calin Rua
  9. Packie Duighnan's
  10. Boots of Spanish Leather
  11. Buckleys Fancy
  12. Lord Levett
  13. The Swallow's Tail
  14. Red Haired Mary
  15. Welcome Poor Paddy Home