50 Easy Classical Guitar Pieces

by Jerry Willard
sku: 01-978428
Book/CD pack. A varied selection of pieces by popular classical guitar composers: Bach, Sor, Sanz, Giulani, Dowland, DeVisee, others. "Pastorale," "Scarborough Fair," "Orlando Sleepeth," "Villanos," "Kemp's Jig," "Humming Song," "Welscher Tanz," more. Each piece is two pages or less. CD contains all fifty pieces performed by the author. Note/tab. 64 pp.   More Details...
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  • Andante No. 1 [Sor, Fernando]
  • Andantino [Aguado, Dionisio]
  • Andantino [Carulli, Ferdinando]
  • Andantino [Sor, Fernando]
  • Aria [Logy, Johann Anton]
  • Bianco Fiore [Negri, Cesare]
  • Chorale [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  • Clarin de los Mosqueteros del Rey de Francia [Sanz, Gaspar]
  • Dove Son Quei Fieri Occhi? [Anonymous]
  • Ecossaise [Giuliani, Mauro]
  • Etude [Aguado, Dionisio]
  • Etude in A Minor [Giuliani, Mauro]
  • Etude (Op. 31) [Sor, Fernando]
  • Etude (Op.60, No. 20) [Sor, Fernando]
  • Etude (Op. 60, No. 8) [Sor, Fernando]
  • Etude [Sor, F.]
  • Etude [Sor, F.]
  • Gigue [Logy, Johann Anton]
  • Humming Song [Schumann, Robert]
  • Kemp Jig [Anonymous]
  • La Cavalleria de Napoles con dos Clarines [Sanz, Gaspar]
  • Landler [Kffner, Joseph]
  • Lesson [Aguado, Dionisio]
  • Menuet [Aguado, Dionisio]
  • Menuet [DeVisee, Robert]
  • Minuet [Anonymous]
  • Minuet [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  • Orlando Sleepeth [Dowland, John]
  • Pastorale [Kffner, Joseph]
  • Pezzo Tedesco [Anonymous]
  • Prelude [DeVisee, Robert]
  • Robin Is to the Greenwood Gone [Robinson, Thomas]
  • Sarabande [Logy, Johann Anton]
  • Scarborough Fair [Traditional]
  • Spagnoletta [Anonymous]
  • Study [Coste, Napoleon]
  • Study [Coste, Napoleon]
  • Study [Coste, Napoleon]
  • Study [Coste, Napoleon]
  • Study in G Major [Coste, Napoleon]
  • Study No. 2 [Aguado, Dionisio]
  • Study No. 3 [Sor, Fernando]
  • Tanz [Fuhrmann, Georg Leopold]
  • Toy [Anonymous]
  • Toy [Anonymous]
  • Villanos [Sanz, Gasper]
  • Welscher Tanz [Newsidler, Hans]