21st Century Chords for Guitar

by Steve Bloom
sku: 02-30604
Presents a new perspective on guitar chords. The standard chords we all know "get us through" accompaniment situations. However, there are more expressive possibilities to be found. Using this book you will discover that the guitar is not as limited as generally thought, and through the 12-tone system, aka atonal music, you will find interesting voicings for many "every-day" chords, and unusual sounding chords you probably wouldn't figure out otherwise. The goal is to help change the way guitar players think of chords on the instrument. Notation with chord diagrams. 95 pp.   More Details...
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  • Introduction
  • Tri-Chords
  • Inverted Tri-Chords
  • Tetra-Chords
  • Inverted Tetra-Chords
  • Penta-Chords
  • Inverted Penta-Chords
  • Hexa-Chords
  • Inverted Hexa-Chords