20 Spanish Baroque Pieces by Gaspar Sanz Arranged for Uke

by Rob MacKillop
sku: 02-22128M
Book/Online audio set. Gaspar Sanz (1640 - 1710) is the most famous baroque-period guitarist. His works are tuneful and memorable, with fiery cross-rhythms and cascading scale passages. The baroque guitar could be viewed as a close relative of the ukulele; the two instruments have much in common. The smaller four-course guitar actually had the same tuning as the ukulele, for example, although it was largely double-strung. Sanz enjoyed playing scales in the campanella style, with the notes of a scale set out on different strings, sonically overlapping slightly in the style of little bells. 40 pp.   More Details...

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  • Las Hachas
  • Zarabanda
  • Zarabanda Francesa (1)
  • Zarabanda Francesa (2)
  • Matachim
  • Rujero
  • Paradetas
  • La esfachata de Napoles (The Girl from Naples)
  • La Coquina Francesa (The Girl from France)
  • La minina de Portugal (The Girl from Portugal)
  • La miñona de Cataluña (The Girl from Catalonia)
  • Lantururu
  • Españoleta
  • Jácaras
  • Folias
  • Passacalle en Dmi (originally Am)
  • Canarios
  • Alemanda La Preciosa
  • Coriente
  • Fuga