20 Pieces From Briggs' Banjo Instructor Arranged for Uke

by Rob MacKillop
sku: 02-22127M
Book with online audio. Learn fashionable and evocative tunes from 19th-century America! Originally collected for the fretless minstrel banjo, many of these tunes were taught to Tom Briggs in Southern plantations, and were the sound of a new, vibrant America. Mixing early Black banjo music with European dances, a new popular music was born, which, in the following decades, would mature into ragtime and jazz. Arranged for fingerstyle ukulele, these sound great on either a standard uke or banjo uke. The audio contains performances of all 20 pieces by MacKillop on a banjo ukulele. Advanced. Note/tab. 24 pp.   More Details...
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  • Briggs’ Breakdown
  • Briggs’ Corn Shucking Jig 
  • Briggs’ Reel 
  • Carney Jig 
  • Camptown Hornpipe
  • Carry Me Back to Old Virginny
  • Circus Jig
  • The Congo Prince Jig
  • Dance, Boatman, Dance
  • Dearest Mae
  • Ephraim’s Lament
  • Ethiopian Cracovienne
  • Hard Times
  • Jim Along Josey
  • Keemo Kimo
  • Lucy Neal
  • Mary Blane
  • Miss Lucy Long
  • Old Johnny Boker
  • Sebastopol Breakdown