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Playing the Frame Drum

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Playing the Frame Drum

Playing the Frame Drum

by Bill Woods

Book/CD set. Teaches you how to play the frame drum using your fingers and hand surfaces. The method uses text, photographs, and the audio examples to demonstrate the various strokes and rhythms. Three ways of looking at rhythms are presented: Middle Eastern, Western and Balkan, with over 160 demonstrated rhythms. Intermediate/advanced. 56 pp.
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  • What is a Frame Drum?
  • Playing Frame Drums
  • A Note To Left-Handed Players

Holding the Drum

Basic Right-Hand Strokes

  • Thumb Stroke
  • Notation
  • Ring Finger Stroke
  • More Notation
  • Alternating Strokes
  • Full Hand Stroke
  • More Notation
  • Stroke Combinations

Basic Left Hand Stroke

  • A Word of Encouragement
  • Getting into Position
  • Ring Finger Stroke
  • More Notation

Multiple Strokes per Rectangle

Middle Eastern Rhythms

  • A Bit About Middle Eastern Rhythms
  • Masmudi
  • More Notation
  • Representing the Absence of a Stroke

More on Middle Eastern Rhythm Cycles

  • Dum, Tek, and Ka
  • Names of Rhythms

Western Music Theory

  • Beats and Measures
  • Notes and Rests
  • Quarter Notes and Quarter Rests
  • Tempo
  • Divisions of the Beat
  • Syncopation
  • Longer Rhythms
  • Eight-Measure Rhythm Patterns
  • Syncopated Rhythms

Stroke Combinations

  • The mr Combination
  • Tmr, Rmr, and Fmr Combinations
  • Tmr+, Rmr+, and Fmr+ Combinations
  • The RI Combination
  • The RIr Combination
  • The RIr+ Combination
  • The RImr Combination
  • The UL Combination

More on Syncopation

Simultaneous Strokes

Three Beats Per Measure

  • Quarter Notes

Odd Rhythms

  • Fives
  • Sevens

The End

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