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Danny Barnes
DANNY BARNES Five-string visionary, charter member of the Bad Livers, toured with Robert Earl Keen and Tim O'Brien
"Elderly Instruments is the number one obvious choice for buying new and used musical gear. I always enjoy perusing the catalog, and their website is informative and easy to use. They are very nice and helpful in person. As a person that doesn't live near a regular music store, they have saved my bacon more than once. Great selection, great prices."
Danny Barnes at


Randal Bays
Randal Bays Acclaimed Washington state Irish fiddler
"Musicians or listeners, we're all fortunate to have a resource like Elderly Instruments to bring us together. It takes integrity and real understanding of a wide array of musical styles to build the kind of excellent reputation they're made for themselves over the last 35 years."
Randal Bays at


Jim Beloff
Jim Beloff (Liz Beloff, Dale and Phyllis Webb) Major ukulele advocate (books, recordings, instruments), performer, songwriter; operates Flea Market Music & The Magic Fluke Co.
"We have worked with Stan and the folks from Elderly since the first Fluke and Flea Ukuleles hit the music store shelves in 1999 and have always treasured our relationship, the personal touch from all of the staff and Stan's fondness of the uke. Congrats on a fine 35 years!"
Jim Beloff at


Norman Blake
NORMAN BLAKE Grammy-nominated instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter
" If you want old or new instruments, hard-to-get CDs and instrument stuff, Elderly is the place to go. I got my last old Herringbone D-28 from them. They have got the goods."
Norman Blake at   


Audie Blaylock
AUDIE BLAYLOCK Formerly with Jimmy Martin, Rhonda Vincent, and Michael Cleveland, he now performs with his own group - Audie Blaylock and Redline
"They have grown much larger, but still provide small store service, they still call you by name and give you the same personal service as the old days!"
Audie Blaylock at


Ken Bloom
KEN BLOOM Multi-instrumentalist, instrument inventor and the world's premier blues zither artist
"I've been dealing with Elderly almost since the beginning. All through that time you've maintained the same high quality of service. For a long while you were the only mail order outfit I recommended to anyone. Here's wishing you an equally productive next 35 years!"
Ken Bloom at


Greg Brown
GREG BROWN Beloved, prolific heartland singer and songwriter
"my heart still aches for the ancient slothead washburn i saw at elderly years ago. but where else would i have ever even seen it?"
Greg Brown at


Bob Carlin
BOB CARLIN Performer, scholar, and Renaissance man of old-time five-string banjo
"When I was on tour with the Hartford String Band, Elderly Instruments was a guaranteed stop. If we were anywhere close, we'd detour the bus and spend the day wandering around the store. We'd always leave with a pile of CDs or some musical device. They even let us webcast a concert in-store."
Bob Carlin at


Andy Cohen
ANDY COHEN Veteran folk performer and blues/ragtime guitar ace
"Elderly stands like a giant among music stores. They are complete to the point of being arcane, knowledgeable to a degree other stores can't touch, awfully supportive of me and my music (which they carry) and ridiculously fair about their pricing."
Andy Cohen at


Mary Cox
MARY Z. COX Tallahassee's queen of clawhammer banjo
"Elderly Instruments is so much more than a store - it is a global market of everything musical - with fast service, caring people, and great prices, too. It is my favorite one-stop music store."
Mary Z. Cox at


jeff Daniels
JEFF DANIELS Actor, director, playwright, singer, songwriter, and guitarist
"Every time I walk in their door, I fall in love with acoustic music all over again!"
Jeff Daniels at


Eddy Davis
EDDY "THE MANHATTAN MINSTREL" DAVIS Jazz banjo luminary and Woody Allen's musical director
"Thank goodness for my old friend Stan Werbin and Elderly Instruments. I love to try every instrument out there and then when I have many more than my Manhattan apartment could ever hold Elderly moves them on for me, so I have room to keep up the process."
Eddy Davis at  


Tony Ellis
TONY ELLIS Composer of original banjo music and former member of Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys
"An exceptional group of people who have been attentive as well as very knowledgeable, courteous and eager to help far beyond making a sale."
Tony Ellis at


Bill Evans
BILL EVANS Celebrated banjo player and teacher in bluegrass and other traditional styles; author of "Banjo For Dummies"
"Its the first place I'll turn to for just about all of my musical needs - whether it's strings, an instructional DVD or new instruments made by the best builders in the world. Elderly is a fantastic place because of the people who work there... everyone at Elderly loves music, plays music and wants to help you be the best musician you can be. How could you ask for more?"
Bill Evans at   


Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer
CATHY FINK AND MARCY MARXER Grammy winning bluegrass, folk and children's recording artists
"The Elderly catalogue is still THE place where diverse folk music RULES. There's still a store for us!"
Cathy Fink And Marcy Marxer at


Fred Gretsch
FRED GRETSCH Great-grandson of the founder of the original Gretsch Company, Fred revitalized the firm in 1986 and has brought it into a new Golden Era.
"Congratulations from Gretsch on assembling one of the top teams and programs in the industry. We are proud to have you sell Gretsch guitars."
Gretsch at


David Grisman
DAVID "DAWG" GRISMAN Mandolinist extraordinaire and creator of "Dawg" music
"I've been a satisfied customer of Elderly Instruments for well over 25 years now and wish to congratulate Stan and company on their 35th anniversary. Some of the best instruments in my collection came my way through Elderly (including the Martin OM-45 which 22 great guitarists played on the Tone Poets collection), and they continue to be a vital part of the Vintage Instruments trade. Best wishes and continued success as we all become a bit more Elderly! "
David Grisman at


Ben Harper
BEN HARPER Slide guitar ace, and "Steal My Kisses" and "Suzie Blue" hitmaker
"Elderly instruments is an American musical institution steeped in tradition, with an ear to the future. I've always felt fortunate that a musical environment like Elderly exists in the world, and I am proud to be associated with them in every way. Thanks Stan!"
Ben Harper at  


Ernie Hawkins
ERNIE HAWKINS Award-winning acoustic blues guitar master, singer, performer and prize protege of the Rev. Gary Davis
"I have always been able to trust Elderly Instruments. Chris Reitz is the face of Elderly to me and I know I can always completely trust anything he tells me, particularly when buying an old guitar unheard. Thanks Elderly for the dependability."
Ernie Hawkins at  


Gil Hembree
"Living within an hours drive of Elderly Instruments for so many years provided me with many friends like Steve Olson who kept my vintage instruments in top condition, and S. J. 'Frog' Forgey who kept me supplied with cool and reasonably priced vintage gear. (It's) one of the busiest and most popular stores I've ever been in."
Gil Hembree at


David Holt
DAVID HOLT Popular performer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, ambassador of old-time Appalachian music, and current backup ace for Doc Watson
"Many times after a concert someone asks me where to buy instruments, gear, my CDs or books. I always send them to Elderly because I know they'll get the same honest, knowledgeable and fair treatment I have found at Elderly for the last 35 years. Elderly is my favorite music store in the if they would only start selling hats......"
David Holt at  


Lawrance Juber
LAURENCE JUBER Groundbreaking fingerstylist and former guitarist with Paul McCartney and Wings
"Elderly is one of those rare breed of stores that draw you into every facet of the guitar - the instruments, accessories, recordings, lessons etc. It's a comfortable place to hang, browse and run into other traveling artists."
Laurence Juber at


Bill Kirchen
BILL KIRCHEN Lifetime Tele-bender and legendary Commander Cody guitarist
"Michigans great Temple of Twang!"
Bill Kirchen at


janet Klein
JANET KLEIN The 21st Century's naughty girl of the ukulele
"A strummer's refuge and delight!!! Thanks for being there!"
Janet Klein at


Jonathan Kellerman
JONATHAN KELLERMAN Psychologist and best-selling suspense novelist, author of the popular "Alex Delaware" books
"For three decades, the Elderly vintage list has been one of my educational - and recreational bibles. I've found a few honeys there, too. Elderly is a national treasure - great instruments, fair prices, ethical business practices. Let's hear it for the good guys."
Jonathan Kellerman at  


Jens Kruger
JENS KRUGER & the KRUGER BROS. Switzerland's ambassadors of bluegrass
"Congratulations to our friends at Elderly Instruments for providing 35 years of outstanding service to musicians worldwide ... We wish you all many more years of continued success."
Jens Kruger and The Kruger Brothers at


Laurie Lewis
LAURIE LEWIS Bluegrass singer, fiddler, bandleader & songwriter
"When we're in Michigan, we've been known to drive hours out of our way to make a stop at Elderly Instruments. One never knows what one might find there, and the staff is so helpful and knowledgeable. Elderly has a great selection not only of instruments (I bought a nice fiddle there at a good price), but CDs, song books, and all manner of accessories. Happy 35th anniversary!"
Laurie Lewis at


R.D. Lunceford
R. D. LUNCEFORD Noted teacher, author, and Clawhammer Banjo performer. He is at the forefront of the current low-tuned fretless banjo revival.
"Elderly is the first, and often the only place I need to look for instruments, equipment, and accessories. Their dedication to customer service and satisfaction are unmatched. What is even more unique is that Stan and the Elderly staff are a committed and indispensable part of the modern roots music scene through their support of artists whose music might otherwise go unheard if it were left to the modern music mega-industry. I am proud to say that my CD's and Books are included in their inventory. Best Wishes to all at Elderly and thanks."
R. D. Lunceford at   R. D. Lunceford at


Joel Mabus
JOEL MABUS Veteran performer, songwriter and stringed instrument wiz
"Unlike any other music store the vibe was friendly and totally honest. Over the years I've watched Elderly grow into one of the foremost music retailers in the world, but the vibe is still the same. I know the prices are fair, the advice stellar, and the quality top notch."
Joel Mabus at


Harry Manx
HARRY MANX "Hindustani blues" artist, singer, world traveler and master of the "mohan veena" slide guitar.
"I love your store (I usually spend a couple of hours looking at gear whenever I'm near by) but even more I love your catalogue. I must have at least four copies spread around the house. I order tuning heads, pickups and instruments from you guys on line. Seriously, your catalogue is a Bible."
Harry Manx at


Larry McCray
LARRY MCCRAY "The Delta Hurricane" - Arkansas-by-the-way-of- Michigan blues guitar killer
"As a busy musician, I am very happy to know that there is still a place you can go for immediate service and needed attention. As we know, it is impossible to avoid breakdowns and misfortune, so it is good to know that someone is there when you need them. Not only do they have the best selection of cool guitars and amps, but they also have friendly service men, such as Steve Olson, who are always willing to lend a helping hand with a smile. Thanks – I love you Elderly!"
Larry McCray at


John McGann
JOHN McGANN Popular multi-instrumentalist, performer, recording artist, and educator; Associate Professor at the Berklee College of Music
"I have had a wonderful working relationship with Elderly Instruments since the early 1980's when I was an upstart musician dealing my own recordings on cassette. Elderly was the only national retailer to distribute my early recordings Mandolin and Guitar, Off Center and Plays Bach, Debussy and Rodrigo. They were also the first to pick up on my instructional DVDs and they carry most of the recordings I have appeared on as a sideman. Talk about supportive to the artist! All the while, they've also been my supplier for amazing obscure items like Brazilian playalong Tocando com Jacob book/CD set of Jacob do Bandolim. They are a fabulous resource for those of us interested in acoustic (and electric!) music. VIVA ELDERLY!"
John McGann at


Geoff Muldaur
GEOFF MULDAUR Blues/folk legend
"When I'm on the road ... and someone asks me where they should buy the Geoff Muldaur Signature Martin, I always tell them to go to their local dealer first. Then I say, 'If they don't carry it, just get in touch with Elderly Instruments in Michigan. They're the best."
Geoff Muldaur at


Tom Paxon
TOM PAXTON Legendary folk artist and songwriter
"The thing about Elderly Instruments that matters to me is that they know our music and they know us."
Tom Paxton at


Herb Pedersen
Herb Pedersen As a player and bandmate in several prominent groups, he has been a guiding light of West Coast bluegrass and country since the beginning.
"Elderly Instruments reminds me of the old music scene days in Berkley. Always there to help, and never to be wasted. Something for every player, new and old. Keep up the good work."
Herb Pedersen at


Utah Phillips
UTAH PHILLIPS Our old friend Bruce "Utah" Phillips was an enormously entertaining but quite serious folk singer, songwriter, storyteller and labor organizer. He passed away on May 23, 2008. He will be sorely missed.
"Elderly Instruments is a perfect fit for elderly folk-singers. In any case, young or old, Elderly has it all. If it doesn't, you had better reconsider your options."
Utah Phillips at


Duke Robillard
DUKE ROBILLARD Jazz/blues guitar hipster and founding member of Roomful of BLues
"I have been buying new and vintage instruments, accessories, books, CDs and a whole lot of just plain cool and hard to find stuff for years from Elderly Instruments and I'm always a satisfied customer. That's why I keep coming back year after year. Whether it's a 1900 parlor guitar, a 30s archtop, an eclectic instrument like a gourd banjo or a new Les Paul, I KNOW I'll find it at Elderly! Or for that matter, anything you could possibly need for any of your instruments. They even have the best instructional books, DVDs to learn from and the biggest selection! Why, they even carry MY stuff! No joking folks, I look to Elderly Instruments for ALL my musical needs first because I'm sure I'll find it there and with intelligent, friendly service too! Whenever we're on tour and passing through Michigan we go WAY out of our way to spend a few hours in our favorite candy store! They're simply the best."
Duke Robillard at


Tom Rozum
TOM ROZUM Bluegrass sideman, longtime mandolinist and vocalist with Laurie Lewis
"...I love doing business with Elderly.Besides being a wonderful resource in finding great old instruments and accessories to keep us going, it's also heartwarming to know they provide a home for our music!"
Tom Rozum at


Peter MadCat Ruth
PETER "MADCAT" RUTH World renowned harmonica virtuoso
"I've been an Elderly customer for about 33 of their 35 years in business. Elderly Instruments is my number one favorite music store in the world!"
Peter "Madcat" Ruth at


Tim Scheerhorn
TIM SCHEERHORN Renowned luthier, and owner of Scheerhorn Guitars
"My relationship with Elderly Instruments has been fantastic. As a custom instrument builder, I have been very fortunate in my career and Elderly has played a pivotal role in this success. Their integrity is of the highest and the business has grown because of this, both yours and mine. Trust is the key word here and to be associated with your fine company can only be positive."
Tim Scheerhorn at


John Sebastian
JOHN SEBASTIAN Acclaimed singer, songwriter, and founding member of The Lovin' Spoonful
"I've detoured 80 miles to stop by Elderly Instruments. I didn't even buy anything. Remember when music stores were a good hang? Elderly still is."
John Sebastian at


Mike Seeger
MIKE SEEGER Appalachian "old-time" music icon and founding member of the New Lost City Ramblers. Unfortunately Mike passed away August 7, 2009
"I have a rule about endorsing commerce, but heck, Elderly Instruments is an institution. I've been getting most of my music supplies from them for just about as long as they've been in business. It's large enough to have good stock and small enough to care. Feels like home."
Mike Seeger at


Ralph Shaw
RALPH SHAW Musical Performer and Creator of the Complete Ukulele Course DVD Series
"I would like to thank Elderly Instruments for their unwavering support of the Ukulele over the years, an instrument whose time has come again!"
Ralph Shaw at


GE Smith
GE SMITH Session cat, guitarist with Bob Dylan, and longtime musical director on Saturday Night Live
"Elderly Instruments has been a consistent and trusted source of the finest vintage gear for a long, long time. Nice people with great stuff. I bought one of my favorite guitars from Elderly over the phone, a '30s Prairie State. Someday I hope to go there in person - then I can really get in trouble."


happy Traum
HAPPY AND JANE TRAUM Owners of Homespun Music Instruction, formerly Homespun Tapes; Happy Traum is an accomplished folk musician who recorded with Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, and others
"Elderly Instruments has been a wonderful supporter of Homespun Music Instruction and our efforts to spread traditional and roots music by helping learning players to improve their skills. We are very excited about the Homespun Pickin' Nights that have so successfully taken place at the Elderly Instruments store. Thank you, and congratulations on your anniversary."
Happy Traum at   Happy Traum myspace


Tony Trischka
TONY TRISCHKA Bluegrass banjo's boundary-busting genius
"Many thanks to Elderly . . . for carrying the wide world of acoustic and roots oriented music, instru-ments, instructional material, et al. It's hard finding this niche-oriented material in the so-called 'real world'... Best of luck on the next 35 years."
Tony Trischka at


Josh white jr.
JOSH WHITE,JR Singer, Songwriter, performer and son of the legendary Piedmont bluesman
"Congratulations Stan and all at Elderly Instruments on your 37th year. I have been a satisfied customer at Elderly for the last 30 to 35 years whatever my needs, be they repairs to one of my guitars or to anything musical that I may want. I drive a lot and play alot. I change my oil every 3000 miles and naturally go to Elderly."
Josh White,jr at