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Open Tunings for Ukulele

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Open Tunings for Ukulele

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Open Tunings for Ukulele

by Ondrej Sarek

Designed for ukulele players who wish to expand their sound. Featuring twenty-eight different tunings, the material offers an incredibly wide range of approaches to the instrument. Each chapter focuses on a particular tuning and explains how to retune your uke. Useful scales and chords across the fretboard are also presented for each tuning. Songs are included in each chapter, presented in both standard notation and tablature. Beginning/intermediate. GCEA tuning. 136 pp.
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  • Introduction
  • Review of tunings
  • How to read tabulature
  • F6
  • C6
  • D6
  • A6
  • F
  • C
  • Eb
  • G
  • Fm
  • Cm
  • Ebm
  • Gm
  • Gmadd4
  • C#madd4
  • Em add4
  • Bbmadd4
  • Gadd2
  • Dbadd2
  • Fadd2
  • Bbadd2
  • Fsus4
  • Csus4
  • Ebsus4
  • Gsus4
  • Fmaj7
  • Bbmaj7
  • Dmaj7
  • Gmaj7
  • Index of tunes

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