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My First Blues Guitar Picking Songs

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My First Blues Guitar Picking Songs

My First Blues Guitar Picking Songs

by Steve Kaufman

Book/CD set. The perfect primer for anyone interested in learning blues guitar played with a pick. An addition to Steve Kaufman's "My First" series, the book starts the student from the very beginning. Basic chords and notation are presented, progressing to blues strumming patterns and lines. Also covers blues scales, tablature, I-IV-V chords and more. Useful for experienced tab readers who wish to learn standard notation. Beginners. 36 pp.
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  • About the Author
  • Introduction to My First Blues Guitar Picking Songs
  • Holding Your Guitar
  • Fretting the Notes
  • Counting the Strings and Parts of the Guitar
  • Your First Chords - C and G7
  • Strumming Our First Songs
  • 8 Bar Blues
  • Blue Monday
  • The Old Grey Mare
  • Two New Chords - G and D7
  • 12 Bar Blues
  • New Chords - D and A7
  • My Woman
  • New Chords A and E7
  • New Rhythm Pattern
  • Frankie and Johnny
  • Your First Notes - E, F, G, C and D
  • New Chord F
  • The Ain't Nothin' Going on Blues
  • New Notes - G, A and B
  • Let's Talk Timing
  • Freight Train
  • New Notes - D, E and Bf
  • New Chord C7
  • Eighth Notes and Dotted Eighth Notes
  • The Big Ol' Heifer Blues
  • New Notes - Low C and Ef
  • The Sea Blues
  • The Sea Blues - Double the Fun!
  • New Notes - G, A and B
  • Sharps, Flats and Naturals
  • Key of A - 2nd Position
  • 16th Notes and Hammer Ons
  • New Notes - Low E and F
  • New Chords E and B7
  • New Timing
  • Understanding the Blues Scale
  • 12 Bar Blues Progression
  • Using the Blues Scale With Several Chord Progressions
  • Chord Charts - All Your Basic Major, Minor and 7th Chords
  • E Blues, Bends and Hammer Ons
  • 1st and 2nd Endings
  • Reading Tablature
  • Most of the Notes On The Guitar
  • Using Tablature
  • I'm a Stranger Here
  • Slides and Triplets
  • 12 Bars of Blues
  • E Bluze with Double Stops
  • The Last Blues
  • Steve Kaufman's Discography

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