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DVD - Manolo Badrena's All That Percussion

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DVD - Manolo Badrena's All That Percussion

Manolo Badrena
DVD - Manolo Badrena's All That Percussion

This first call percussionist (known for his performance on Weather Report's "Birdland") teaches you how to play a variety of instruments and rhythms from all over the world! Manolo breaks down drumming from Brazil, the Caribbean and South America, and Europe, Asia and Africa. You'll learn basic technique and Manolo's own approach for: surdo, agogo, caxixi, quica, timbales, shekere, bongo, cajon, manjira, Chinese frame drum, dholki, djembe, talking drum, lots more. Includes five live performances: "Badrekali Tarang," "Bara Suayo," "Berimba Du Angola," "Bronx Taranta" and "Gypsy Manolo." 96 min.
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