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Mandolin From Scratch

Mandolin From Scratch

Mandolin From Scratch

by Bruce Emery

What every player needs to get up and playing as soon as possible. Bluegrass, Old-time, Celtic and Folk enthusiasts will learn about chords and chord families first, and then go on to study single-note playing, fiddle tunes, the blues, chords up the neck and chord-melody playing. The newest book by the popular instructor, who leavens his pedagogy with humor. It'll be fun, you'll see. 92 pp.

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  • What will we cover?
  • How do we start?
  • Tuning the mandolin
  • Strumming some chords: G, C and D
  • Strum Patterns
  • Boil That Cabbage Down
  • G Chord Family
  • 1-4-5 chords.....Major and 7th
  • Song examples
  • Minor chords
  • Majors plus Minors
  • D Chord Family
  • Song examples
  • Comparing Keys of G and D
  • A Chord Family
  • E Chord Family
  • C Chord Family
  • Our 5 Chord Families
  • Chords Up the Neck
  • Bluegrass Chop Chords
  • Single String Playing
  • G Major Scale
  • Alternate Picking
  • Simple melodies for practice
  • Major Scale structure
  • 2nd octave of G.....more melodies
  • Alternate Picking Pitfalls
  • Mandolin solos: Boil That Cabbage
  • Double-stops
  • D Major Scale
  • Simple melodies for practice
  • A Major Scale
  • Simple melodies for practice
  • Playing Fiddle Tunes on Mandolin
  • G and D Arpeggios
  • Fiddle tunes in the Key of D
  • Soldier's Joy
  • Over the Waterfall
  • More Fiddle tunes in the Key of D
  • Wildwood Flower
  • I'll Fly Away
  • Bonaparte's Retreat
  • Hoedown
  • Whiskey Before Breakfast
  • La Bastringue
  • Cuckoo's Nest
  • Fiddle Tunes in the Key of G
  • Garry Owen's
  • Wash Woman
  • Fiddle Tunes in the Key of A
  • Devil's Dream
  • Red Haired Boy
  • Old Joe Clark
  • Fiddle Tune in E Dorian Mode
  • Road to Lisdoonvarna
  • Scandinavian Fiddle Music
  • My Wedding Day
  • Karis Pers Polska
  • The Lever
  • Rezijanka Music from Slovenia
  • More Chords Up the Neck: G-D-C-A-E
  • 1 - 4 - 5's and Minor Chords Up There
  • Tremolo
  • Chord/Melody Playing.....Minuet in G
  • Amazing Grace
  • Si Bheag Si Mhor
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Minuet in G (Fancy)
  • Intro to Blues.....12 Bar Blues
  • Blues Shuffle in G
  • Blues Lead in G
  • Blues in D and A
  • Blues in E.....Seventh Chords
  • Chord Chart

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