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Mandolin Blues - From Memphis to Maxwell Street

Mandolin Blues - From Memphis to Maxwell Street

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Mandolin Blues - From Memphis to Maxwell Street

by Rich DelGrosso

Book with online audio. Travel back in time as acclaimed mandolinist Rich DelGrosso traces the story of the black mandolinist in America. Follow the lives of Yank Rachell, W. Howard Armstrong, Charlie McCoy, Vol Stevens, Will Weldon, Carl Martin, Johnny Young, and then learn their timeless music. Include rags, drags and stomps, stories from Rich's time spent with Armstrong and Rachell, a selected discography, more. Audio includes all musical examples and songs. An indispensable guide to the rich history of blues mandolin. Note/tab. 80 pp.

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  • Dallas Rag
  • Jackson Stomp
  • Knox County Stomp
  • State Street Rag
  • Vine Street Drag
  • Vol Steven's Blues
  • Will Weldon's Blues
  • Eddie Dimmitt's Blues
  • Charlie McCoy's Blues
  • Betty And Dupree
  • Howard Armstrong's Blues
  • Yank Rachell's Blues
  • Early This Morning
  • Johnny Young's Blues
  • Young's 8-Bar Blues
  • DelGrosso's Blues (It's Funk)

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