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Leo Brouwer - Oeuvres Pour Guitare: Guitar Works I

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Leo Brouwer - Oeuvres Pour Guitare: Guitar Works I

Leo Brouwer
Leo Brouwer - Oeuvres Pour Guitare: Guitar Works I

Grouped together for the first time, this collection includes Leo Brouwer's solo guitar works as published by Max Eschig. Includes all 20 of the "Estudios sencillos," "Dos Aires populares cubanos," "Dos Temas populares cubanos," "Parabola," "Tarantos," more, all reflecting the composers varied output. With text in English, French and German. Notation only. 77 pp.
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  • Estudios sencillos Vol. 1 (1 thru 5)
  • Estudios sencillos Vol. 2 (6 thru 10)
  • Estudios sencillos Vol. 3 (11 thru 15)
  • Estudios sencillos Vol. 4 (16 thru 20)
  • Danza del Altiplano
  • Pieza sin titulo No. 1
  • Pieza sin titulo No. 2
  • Pieza sin titulo No. 3
  • Preludio
  • Fuga No. 1
  • Parabola
  • Tarantos
  • Cadence: Josef Haydn, Quatuor (Concerto) en re majeur
  • Cadence: Fernando Sor, Sonate, op. 25

Dos Temas populares cubanos

  • Berceuse (Cancion de Cuna)
  • Les Yeux sorciers

Dos Aires populares cubanos

  • Guajira criolla
  • Zapateado

Cadences: Mauro Giuliani, Concerto, op. 30

  • Premier mouvement
  • Rondo

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